Friday, May 25, 2007

Who Came? 7,000 People

You made history Wednesday night. 7,000 people. 92 groups. 38 elected officials. That's who came to the Hands Around Stuy Town Rally.

New York City's housing crisis has been building for years. You know that, because you've been living through it.
Hands Around Stuy Town RallyHands Around Stuy Town Rally

But you put New York's broken rent laws front and center. You put rent stabilization back on the map and put vacancy decontrol back in the public discussion. You served notice that it's time to pass the Save Starrett City Law and put all Mitchell-Lama buildings into rent stabilization. And you let everyone know that New York Is Our Home!

The rally was a huge success - but it's just the beginning. So what can you do now?

We're launching a new project to create a citywide map of rent hikes. We're asking you for your address and monthly rent for the last few years. The result will be an interactive map charting how individual rents have risen in recent years and showing areas with dramatic rent increases.

Please spend a minute to take the monthly rent increase survey.

Hands Around Stuy Town MarchHands Around Stuy Town March

We're also going to Albany on June 5th to demand that the Senate and Assembly pass legislation immediately to put all Mitchell-Lama buildings into rent stabilization and to close loopholes that allow landlords to get out of rent stabilization. Email Chloe Tribich from Housing Here and Now for details if you can join us on June 5th in Albany!

An event this large doesn't just happen. It's the result of a lot of hard work.

We'd like to thank everyone who came. You made the event the success that it was. And a special shout out to the speakers and elected officials who came and to the groups in the New York Is Our Home coalition who all did so much work to publicize this event (listed along the right hand side of this page).

Here's some of the coverage we got for the rally:

Hands Around Stuy Town RallyHands Around Stuy Town Rally

Check back for more!

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