Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thanks to Those Who Spoke

"If we do not fix rent regulation, New York's working-class and middle-class will slowly bleed to death. What makes this place great is that we're all in this together - nurses and computer techs and teachers and struggling actors and cops and everybody. Let's keep it that way."
- Dan Cantor, Working Families Party

Yesterday's speakers at the Hands Around Stuy Town Rally conveyed the passion and urgency of the crowd. Thank you all! The speakers included:
  • Mary Brosnahan, Coalition for the Homeless
  • Bertha Lewis, ACORN
  • Dan Cantor, Working Families Party
  • Ed Ott, Central Labor Council
  • Hilda Chavis, NW Bronx Community & Clergy Coalition
  • Randi Weingarten, UFT
  • Lillian Roberts, DC37 AFSCME
  • and elected officials.
Here's the Central Labor Council's Ed Ott speaking:

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