Friday, October 31, 2008

New vacancy decontrol documents

Check out the new documents we've put together highlighting vacancy decontrol and how we can end it:

  • What is Vacancy Decontrol? lays out the basics of vacancy decontrol, how it works, and our campaign to repeal it.
  • Andrew Beveridge's article on vacancy decontrol has some of the most up-to-date facts yet on vacancy decontrol, including information that 100,000 apartments were on the verge of deregulation in 2005!
  • We have a new, stylish flyer for the rally to overturn vacancy decontrol on December 9, made by our stellar volunteer graphic designer Erin Zipper. It is bi-lingual in Spanish and English.
  • For those whose printers might have have trouble with the heavy blacks of our stylish flyer, we're also including a simple flyer for the same 12/9 rally to repeal vacancy decontrol.

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