Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Message from Starrett City Tenant Leader on Buy Out Notice

From Linda Tilton, ACORN member and Starrett City Leader:

We got rid of the potential buyer, Clipper Equity, who was trying to buy Starrett City for $1.3 billion. For that much money, Clipper would have had no choice but to raise rent and displace tenants who could not afford the new high rents.

But here we go again! We just got a buy out notice – the landlord wants to leave the Mitchell-Lama program. It’s sad to think that Starrett City might not remain as it is. The people who built Starrett City built something wonderful and should be proud of this. Instead, the money becomes most important, not the people or the place. We are going to remain strong and united. We are not giving up.

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