Thursday, August 16, 2007

Excerpts from Press Coverage on NYCHA Shelter Allowance Increase

Daily News
August 16, 2007
Adam Lisberg

47M Boost to City Housing

Gov. Spitzer yesterday signed a bill giving an extra $47 million a year to the New York City Housing Authority - which may help the cash-strapped agency avoid devastating job cuts.

"We must do everything we can to preserve our affordable housing so New Yorkers don't have to spend their entire paycheck on rent or mortgage payments alone," the governor said.

The bill eliminates a funding disparity under which private landlords were given more funds than public-housing authorities to help subsidize residents on public assistance.

NY Post
August 16, 2007 -- Albany
Kenneth Lovett

City Gain As Spitzer OKs Housing $$

"After a long period of neglect, state government is finally focused on solving the housing crisis that has pushed too many working New Yorkers out of the middle class and prevented those struggling New Yorkers from climbing up into economic security," Spitzer said.

Bloomberg called the new law "a major win" for the city housing authority's 400,000 tenants.

NY Sun
August 16, 2007
Special to the Sun

Housing Authority To Receive Additional $40M

The New York City Housing Authority will receive more than $40 million in additional taxpayer funds, as Governor Spitzer signed into law a bill increasing the state's contribution to the public housing agency.

The legislation calls for the state and city to each increase their contributions to NYCHA by about $11 million a year, with the federal government contributing about $22 million.

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