Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Campaign Meeting Tonight

You're invited to join us tonight to launch our coalition effort to preserve affordable rental housing. New York Is Our Home - let's make sure it stays that way!

All welcome. Please pass the word.
Campaign Meeting
THIS Wednesday, March 21
6:30 PM
UFT, 52 Broadway, 2nd Floor
(off Exchange Place in downtown Manhattan: closest station is 4/5 train to Wall St. )
Spanish translation will be provided. See you there tonight!


johnny said...
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johnny said...

I attended the meeting and found it very helpful.

This is a unity campaign.

Although I am a rent regulated (stabilized) tenant that understands that we are losing thousands of affordable units to Vacancy Decontrol, I realized that all affordable housing programs are in serious trouble. I heard from each segment, Section 8, Public Housing, Mitchell-Lama, and Rent Regulated, horror stories of constantly diminishing housing options for everyday New Yorkers. I saw in the room a true cross section of NY's working class and wondered where will we all go if we don't stop this now? But I also felt empowered and uplifted by the unity in the room. Let's stick together and let Albany know we are united and we will fight for our homes.